The real estate industry is witnessing an unprecedented upsurge. With operations across India and current growth rate of 200% per annum. Mojika Group employs more quality professionals, offering ideal opportunities to the talented and result-oriented workforce. Working at Mojika Group ensures comprehensive exposure to all the disciplines pertaining to the real estate industry. You are offered challenges and responsibilities early on the job, fostering a stimulating work culture of innovation and growth.

One factor in the growth of a nation is how well its real estate industry is developing. India is a prime example of this as there are a lot of real estate based products that are coming up daily as the demand is also quite high. The annual growth rate in certain areas of our country has sometimes even been reported to be as high as 200 percent.

One of the leading groups of real estate developers in Rajasthan are the Mojika Group who have expanded rapidly in the past few years or so. Mojika group was founded in the year 2005 by Mr. Nagarmal Agarwal. After proving its mettle in Jaipur through multiple constructions projects which have not only satisfied customers, it has also gotten approval from Industry chambers and groups.

Mojika Group is on a current path to expansion and this needs people to fulfill positions within the company. This is your chance as an employee with us to prove your mettle as well. Mojika is already an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which has retained talent since its inception in 2005. Once you are onboard with us, you will know why we are on our way to becoming industry leaders in the real estate sector.

Let’s look at some of the reasons:

  • Already ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Extensive experience in the real estate field
  • Members of CII, Rajasthan Builders and promoters union and India Green Building council
  • Made successful projects such as Midas Touch, Midas Heights, 4 Way Living and many others.
  • Already established work force under which comprehensive work experience and training can take place
  • Partnerships with many other industry leaders to come up with the best possible solutions resulting in unique innovations.

Thus as an employee you get exposure to a level of work which will enrich your experience beyond measure. Not just that, but since we will be doing more than just typical building projects it is going to open your eyes to the world of possibilities in front of you.

Mojika Group is also one of the best groups to work with in the country as a majority of our staff has been with us since the inception of the company in 2005. This is because we not only have the best projects which keep the employee hooked but also the best HR practices and reward policies as well.

Mojika Group and all projects undertaken have a fast paced work environment which is very professional and also very good pay packages for the deserving candidates. If you are a candidate who would want to be a part of this exciting opportunity, then we welcome you to send in your CV and we would call you at an appropriate time, if and when there is a requirement.

This is an exciting new field which is just entering into an exciting new era and thus it is very important that you grab the opportunity right now.

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